The Cue Cube

2 in 1

The Cue Cube Corporation, maker of the "Original Cue Cube"
since 1982, is one of the premier manufacturers of billiard
cue shaping devices in the United States. In fact the trademarked
names "Cue Cube" and "Shaft Slicker" are so prevalent
throughout the billiard world that users of the tip shapers or
maintenance tools tend to refer to all of them as Cue Cubes or
Shaft Slickers.
One side of this two-in-one tool shapes the cue tip to the proper radius
while the other scuffs the cue tip to hold chalk and prevent miscues.
Made of solid metal with silicon carbide, this device lasts and lasts.
This product is used by professional players. The Cue Cube has a
successful track record because it works so well and is reasonably
priced. Cue Cubes come in a variety of colors, finishes and packaging.
Many cue manufacturers recommend the Cue Cube and Shaft Slicker
combination in our CUE MAINTENANCE KIT.